Business Law

We enjoy helping small and medium-sized businesses start and grow. We help our clients choose the best business entity for them, e.g., incorporation, limited liability company. Many clients choose either a corporation or an LLC because those two entities give the owners “limited liability,” meaning that a debt or obligation of the business can only be satisfied from business assets; a claimant could not then come after the owners’ personal assets.

In order for a corporation or LLC to get the benefit of “limited liability,” it is critical for it to be set up correctly at the beginning. A lawyer can assure that happens. We explain the things clients need to know to keep the organizational structure of the corporation running well thereafter.

We enjoy helping clients with their ongoing business needs. We welcome clients calling us with questions as the need arises. The old proverb is true, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Lawyers are less expensive in helping clients avoid litigation by making good plans and decisions than in litigating a business matter after something goes badly. However, we also handle business litigation matters.

We assist our business clients in preparing and reviewing contracts, buying or selling a business, purchasing real property for their business, negotiating leases, drafting employee handbooks, and managing human resource legal issues. We take pride in being accessible and responsive in our service to our clients.

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