Workers’ Compensation

North Carolina Workers’ Compensation law is complex – including forms, statutes and rules governing the rights of workers injured on the job. Insurance companies use this complexity to their advantage every day in order to prevent injured workers from obtaining the compensation they are due.

Did you know that, under North Carolina’s Worker’s Compensation law, you are entitled to disability payments while you are out of work recovering from your injury? Did you know that insurance companies often miscalculate the amount due the injured worker? Did you know that, at the end of your case, you are entitled to payment for any rating you received from your treating physician? Did you know that at the end of the case you have a right to choose the manner of permanent disability compensation that is better for you? Did you know that, before an insurance carrier stops the payment of benefits to you that you are entitled to a hearing? Did you know that you may have a choice of physicians?

And, finally, without assistance, would you know how to assert your rights in any of these situations?

The fact is that insurance companies count on a substantial percentage of claimants handling their own claims, betting that those claims will settle for less or that they can get away with denying the claim entirely.

Experienced workers’ compensation attorneys can assist you to prevent your being taken unfair advantage of. You should contact us (experienced attorneys who deal with insurance adjustors and insurance attorneys every day); to assist you in enforcing your rights and getting the compensation you are due under the law. Our firm will be pleased to discuss your case in more detail, to determine how we may assist you.

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