Client Reviews

Kim was my attorney in 1989 during an on-going legal matter. She was very thorough, thoughtful, considerate and private about the issues at hand.

In the most recent years Kim’s firm has helped me with both personal and business matters.

With one case, Kim and one of her staff attorneys helped me in a business matter that lasted a couple years. I was always kept up to date with progress and if I had questions I could call and, most of the time, get the answer with the one phone call. This is not usually the case in attorney’s offices. If I ask for a return call I would always get the return call that business day.

When I set an appointment with Kim or anyone of her staff, the appointment is always on time and no longer than necessary. I have never felt that time was wasted waiting for the attorney to show up.

Some of my family members also use Kim as their attorney.

I give Kim Steffan a 5 star rating and recommend her for any and all legal matters.

Charles Woods


Kim Steffan has been my attorney for both personal and business matters for over ten years. She has handled many different matters for me — real estate closings, wills, the purchase of a business, contract disputes, commercial collections, and more — during this time.

Steffan and Associates has always been extremely thorough and prompt and exhibits total professionalism in all they do. They also know how to get results!

I can wholeheartedly recommend Steffan and Associates.

David D.


Kim Steffan is a brilliant attorney with exceptional litigation and trial skills. During preparation for our case and during the entire course of our trial, Kim was well prepared, organized and highly focused. I was impressed by her ability to thoroughly listen to a very long and complicated argument by the opposing council and brilliantly address each and every point with masterful skill and strategic precision. She has an incredible knowledge of the law and she is compassionate, ethical and trustworthy. Kim is a winner in every sense of the word. She fought for me and won every step of the way. I highly recommend Kim and her professional team and certainly trust her to represent me again in the future.

L. Silver


As part of small and large business projects, I have worked with several legal entities over the years. For the past two years, Steffan Law has been my preferred and exclusive provider for small-business legal needs. The staff is personable, the legal advice timely and sound, and the rates fair and competitive. Steffan Law treats clients with a combination of personal attention and professional courtesy that reflects the motto of it’s home state of North Carolina – esse quam videri – to be rather than to seem.

Neil D.


I met Kim Steffan almost 10 years ago when I moved to Hillsborough. My real estate broker recommended her firm for the closing on my home, and they represented me with thoroughness and efficiency. During the intervening years, Kim has handled various legal situations for me and my family, including business formation, estate planning and real estate. Our long-term relationship has provided me with a rare sense of security, knowing that my interests will be protected with skill and thoughtful attention to detail.

Kirk Carrison


Kim has been responsive to our needs, accessible when we need her, and tremendously supportive. We really appreciate that she is down to earth and approachable. She has helped us with a variety of needs, from land use issues to business transition agreements and more. Costs are very reasonable!

P McKnight,
Chapel Hill Creamery


My husband and I have worked with Kim Steffan on a number of both business and personal matters over the past several years and we have always found both Kim and the entire staff at her office to be friendly, helpful and efficient. There have been times that Kim felt we might be better served by seeking a lawyer with a more specialized practice for our particular issues and she did give us referrals but she also wrote thoughtful and helpful emails giving us her perspective and always in a timely manner. On the matters that she did handle, she gave us the opportunity to ask as many questions as we needed to and she covered all details and options thoroughly. I would not hesitate to refer any friend or family to Kim knowing that she would do an excellent job for them.

Patricia Scolnik


I’ve now worked with Steffan and Associates for all of my legal matters over the past several years. It has been an excellent experience. I’ve worked with other firms/lawyers and Kim (and co.) are by far the best. What has it been like? The most notable feature has been that it has never been in question that they have been “on my side” and working toward my best interests. Beyond that very crucial merit, I’ve become used to great punctuality for both correspondence (phone, email, etc) and appointments, scrupulous attention to detail by all personnel, tremendous lucidity and articulation, deep and extensive legal experience and an understandable payment structure. I will continue to work with Steffan and Co. as need arises in the future and I recommend you do the same.

Jeff Allen


I am grateful to have Attorney at Law Kim Steffan, Steffan & Associates. P. C., in my corner for counsel on business legal issues associated with my private practice of 25 years, Invision Services, and on personal legal matters.

Kim Steffan’s superlative professional legal work helped me create a company and review corporate contracts to grow the business. She guided me to understand human resource issues related to employees. She listened to me explain complex dynamics in regard to my field and advised the right path to turn.

Kim Steffan’s excellent legal services helped me expose a devious bookkeeper’s criminal behavior to quickly recover over $110,000 in lost funds for Invision.

Kim Steffan stands up for me.

On my personal behalf Kim’s legal services have educated a university president regarding tuition unjustly billed my son after he finished school, assisted with the documents needed to purchase my home, and drafted my will so I know my boys will see me off in good shape!

Kim Steffan provides peace of mind for me.

Kim and her professional staff are always accessible when I call to schedule for advice or drop in to have documents notarized. Easy. Effective. Productive. The professional staff at Steffan and Associates enriches Invision. Their office is an asset for our business.

Professional. Instructive. Punctual. Confident. Courteous. Gracious. Humorous. Tenacious when needed, Kim understands people. Kim understands the law. Kim knows her business.

Kim Steffan gets the job done for me.

I highly recommend attorney Kim Steffan for legal counsel and representation. Choosing her is a choice for integrity.

John Higgins,
Founding Director


I have been a client of Kim Steffan’s since 2002 and am so grateful for all that she and her team have done for me over the years. Kim is a shark as a contracts attorney and has been an amazing asset to have with all of my businesses. She has set up and dissolved companies for me along with reviewing contracts for me to protect my best interest. I have and will continue to refer her to my friends and colleagues who are looking for an attorney with her skills.

Joy Harris
Co-Owner at Grateful Box
Owner of Cedar Grove Maintenance


As a small business owner Steffan and associates has been my go to law firm for years for my business needs such as contracts, acquisitions , and other related issues as well as my personal needs such as wills, power of attorney, real estate , etc. In every case they have far exceeded my expectations and have been a great asset. I would highly recommend Steffan and Associates to anyone for any issues requiring attorney or legal counsel.

Steve Barbour


I had had the misfortune of needing to use attorneys on two prior occasions and both times I felt like I wasted my money. Being new to the area, I was referred to Kim by a colleague. I have sought counsel from Kim on both business and personal matters and have always found her to be very professional and knowledgeable. Perhaps just as important are her other qualities: She is very approachable, listens well, and always puts the client’s interest first. I found her to be very organized and always willing to seek further advice should it be necessary. She is also very compassionate and her common sense is evident in the way she approaches problems. She is always on time, responds right away and perhaps most importantly, her rates are extremely reasonable given the outstanding quality of her work.

I could not recommend her more highly!

Nicola S. Gray, MD, FAPA


Kim Steffan has handled all of the contract work for my small business for over 10 years and I also worked with her on my will, power of attorney, and healthcare power of attorney. Her advice is practical and her responses timely – she is very efficient, yet she also brings personal warmth to her interactions with clients. I have recommended her to professional colleagues and neighbors, many of whom have expressed gratitude for connecting them with such a valuable legal resource with reasonable rates.

Susan S.


Kim Steffan is tenacious, thorough and tactful. Her vast experience coupled with her local, national and international connections make her stand out from the crowd.

Her communication skills are excellent – she will respond to your questions – often within the same day!

She offers a free initial consultation…a great way to witness her energetic, can-do approach.

I highly recommend Kim Steffan. She is a determined, diligent and dedicated attorney.

Lottie J.


Over the past three years I have requested legal assistance from Kim relating to estate planning and divorce proceedings. I found her knowledge of law in these areas very impressive. She was efficient, very approachable, and always looking after my interest.

Jerry Dillard


Kim Steffan is a go-to attorney for all needs and seasons.

We have used Kim Steffan for all of our legal work for 15 years. We started with her because Kathleen felt burned and ill-treated by two male attorneys who “helped” with her divorce, and she wanted a woman attorney whom she could trust. One of Kim’s first jobs for us was, in fact, recovering thousands in unpaid child support that had been stonewalled. Kim has since done family law—multiple iterations of wills, including sensitive but sage advice for handling an estranged child—property work, and more recently, late-life tasks like health care powers of attorney and Do Not Intubate orders.We always have found Kim to be smart, efficient, and spot on with her work (she also is reasonable with her fees). As a disabled person, I also have always appreciated Kim and her office staff accommodating me for drafts and signings by coming to the car or other accessible places.If you want a capable, efficient attorney with character who can serve your needs for all reasons and in all seasons, we highly recommend that you try Kim Steffan.

Gerald and Kathleen Ponder
Hillsborough and Blowing Rock, NC
Venice, FL


I recently worked with Kim Steffan to update my will and related documents. Kim was down-to-earth and easy to work with. She completed the documents promptly and her rates were very reasonable. I’ll definitely be back the next time I need the support of a lawyer.

Laura E.


Kim Steffan is a highly effective, results-oriented attorney. She is knowledgeable, pragmatic, honest, dedicated to her clients, and efficient with her time. Over the past decade, I have sought Kim’s counsel on matters related to my small business as well as my estate plan. I give her five stars across the board and consider myself to be a lifetime client.

P. Wilson


I refer Kim Steffan from Steffan & Associates to all of my clients!! I am a CPA and it is critical that their legal structure is setup properly. The legal structure that they choose directly impacts their taxes, which is what I help them with. Kim reserves thirty minutes for them at no cost and she has a Business Law 101 conference with them to make sure that they are covered when it comes to legal needs with regard to all aspects of their company. Kim helps them setup up their legal structures, handles employment related issues, and makes sure that everything is in place so that our clients are covered in case a legal matter arose in their business. Kim does this and so much more!

My clients that are I refer to her are extremely grateful for her help and love working with her. It always gives me a piece of mind knowing that my clients are educated in this area and are covered legally. We both want our clients to succeed. I am so very thankful for Kim Steffan!!

Lori E. Kenney, CPA, PLLC


Please consider this as my recommendation for attorney services by Kim Steffan of Steffan and Associates in Hillsborough, NC.

Kim has served my husband and me in both personal and business legal issues since 2004. She is an outstanding advocate for her clients, and she has always competently and professionally assisted and represented us. If she was not competent in our area of concern, she always had excellent recommendations for us of other attorneys in the area that could assist us.

She was an invaluable resource during the construction and completion phase of our business in Orange County in 2004 and 2005. She successfully mediated for us with our builders and their attorney, and a fair and attractive decision was reached by both sides due to her excellent negotiation skills. Kim also provided assistance to us in employee issues, personal employment and health issues, and she drafted our commercial lease for the tenant of our business.

If you are in need of an excellent business, real estate, or family law attorney, you will do exceptionally well to contact Kim Steffan. I have and will continue to refer her services to both friends and work colleagues.

Dean and Patricia Williford


I have enjoyed and appreciated our several professional interactions. I feel that Kim Steffan has provided expert legal advice and service with all of our varied transactions – real estate, professional transitions, and home/business financial transactions.

Kim has a small, personal office with personable, professional staff to assist you. Certainly I feel that I can reach Kim quickly if need arises. I like the convenient location, easy access, and accessible hours. I have never felt high pressure. Kim has a kind and ethical approach in a profession that is not known for that, and I feel that I could trust her advice to be fair and ethical to all involved. I also feel like Kim will go the extra steps for her clients and give excellent, strong legal service where needed. I have recommended your practice to several friends, which is a high complement to any professional.

Richard Lockamy & Mary Bennett Houston Lockamy





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